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Extra-curricular opportunities

Below are a number of enrichment and leadership programs as well as opportunities available to Year 9 students:

Aboriginal student leadership team

Representatives are actively involved in representing their culture and community with pride.

UWS Fast Forward Program

This program offers 17 students from Year 9 an opportunity to participate in mentoring and skills development with university staff and students. This fantastic program also offers students access to a free online tutoring service to strengthen their academic performance.

UWS Aboriginal Mentoring Program

Offers a number of Year 9 and Year 10 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students an insight into university life, through working with a current university student who acts as their mentor.

Peer mentoring

Peer mentoring occurs Mondays (Week A) during period 4. Students in Year 10 work with students in Year 8 to offer support and guidance in a range of written, oral and practical activities.


As well as electives, Year 9 Students also participate in clubs this year. Each week students experience one of the following clubs: art attack, master-chef, CSI (crime scene investigation), murder mystery, Pacifica, and film.

Year 9 students also have access to a wide variety of extra-curricular activities including running club, gym club, reading café, rugby/footy team and volleyball team.

Homework Centre

The Homework Centre is an outstanding resource for CCMD students seeking assistance with classwork, homework, and assignments. Students wishing to attend can ask for a copy of the permission note.

Livin Deadly

Livin Deadly is an Aboriginal cultural program aimed at strengthening students community connections and developing leadership skills. The program is held at the school and runs Friday afternoons during period 4.