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Parent portal

As part of an exciting development at Chifley College Mount Druitt Campus, we have introduced a system which will allow you to access important information regarding your child. The system is known as the Parent Portal.

Access through the portal will allow important up-to-date information about the school and your child. This will include attendance details, timetables, school reports and other information. Further details regarding the full range of the information will be addressed in newsletters and on the school website.

The portal allows secure access by parents to data relating only to their child and data of a whole school nature.

Accessing the portal

Follow these steps to enable access for your family.

If you have not created an account:

  • Visit the Portal Registration website
  • Fill in the information required (you must use a valid email address)                                          

Once the account has been created:

  • Log into the portal using the username (email) and password.
  • Add the family access key (this is obtained from the office)
  • Log in to the Parent Portal website.

Once registered, details of the students linked to the family access key will be available. If there are any issues or problems, please contact the school by phone or email. Any matters reported will be dealt with as soon as possible.