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Kids at Mount Druitt

As a student, you may hear a lot of talk about high school. Below are some common statements about school, we'll let you if they are true or false.

High School is scary

False! Any new situation can be a little uncomfortable, but it won't take you long to settle in.

You'll get your head flushed in the toilet

False! That's what we call an 'urban myth' - a story that's been around for ages that isn't true.

There are four different subjects every day

True. We have four periods every day that go for about 80 minutes. Except on Thursday when one of the periods is only 40 minutes and we go home at lunchtime, 1:30pm.

You need to bring your own books to school

True. You'll need a book for almost every subject and you have to cover it and bring it every day, along with all your other equipment like pens, pencils and other items.

You get to do heaps of PE

True. We don't play sport against other high schools, so we end up doing a lot more PE. It's fun!